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Capital Raising

With Equity & Advisory’s financial and strategic expertise, we prioritise clients’ best interests in diverse transactions, including successful IPOs, as well as private market equity and debt raisings. Our deep market knowledge and negotiation proficiency guide tailored strategic plans, ensuring alignment with clients’ goals.

Equity & Advisory


Capital raising stands as a cornerstone among our suite of Equity & Advisory services. What sets us apart is our distinction from broking and underwriting houses, a factor that shapes our role, capabilities, and impact, distinguishing us from the conventional investment bank.

In our capacity as advisors to public and private companies, Equity & Advisory is committed to securing optimal terms for our clients from underwriters, lead managers, and capital providers. Our expertise spans a spectrum of financial endeavours, encompassing capital structure advice, initial public offerings, private and public equity raisings, and debt raisings.

With a wealth of experience in these domains, we stand ready to navigate and optimise the financial landscape for our clients.

Equity & Advisory

Key Strengths

  • In-depth knowledge of financial markets, capital structures, and investment strategies
  • Negotiation proficiency
  • Market awareness
  • Track record in handling diverse financial transactions, including IPOs and private equity and debt raisings
  • Prioritising clients’ best interests and ensuring alignment with their goals
  • Developing and implementing tailored strategic plans for clients.

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