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Our Services

Equity & Advisory are proud to offer a range of services to family and private businesses.

By providing outstanding, concise and effective corporate advice across Australia, we help our clients navigate often complex landscapes to make the right decision when buying, selling or protecting equity.

Equity & Advisory

Mergers & Acquisitions

As the largest M&A team in Adelaide, we specialise in orchestrating strategic partnerships, conducting rigorous due diligence, guiding negotiations, and providing comprehensive post-merger assistance. This approach guarantees sustained success for our clients.

Equity & Advisory


Equity & Advisory are prominent in divestment services, offering valuable assistance to businesses navigating intricate sales. Our seasoned team excels in optimising value through rigorous assessment of sale potential, engaging prospective buyers, and orchestrating smooth transactions. We streamline the divestment process, empowering clients to realise their envisioned outcomes.

Equity & Advisory

Capital Raising

Drawing on unparalleled financial and strategic expertise, we prioritise client interests across diverse transactions,  including successful IPOs, as well as private market equity and debt raisings. Our adept market insight and negotiation finesse drive customised strategic plans, aligning seamlessly with our clients’ objectives.

Equity & Advisory

Strategic Reviews

For business success, regular strategic reviews are essential. Whether introducing a new product, building a facility, or entering a joint venture, informed decision-making demands meticulous analysis and precise financial modelling. Our expertise includes strategic reviews, financial modelling, and rigorous strategy evaluation. Committed to providing thorough support, we ensure decisions align with client objectives for success in a dynamic business landscape.

Equity & Advisory

Valuation Advisory

Equity & Advisory specialise in intricate business valuations, including for public company transactions, aiding private buyers and sellers, and for reporting purposes. We also offer impartial dispute resolution, lender security assessments, and facilitating seamless firm restructuring. Trust us to navigate the complexities of valuation with precision and insight and deliver robust and dependable valuations.

Equity & Advisory

Debt Advisory

Equity & Advisory deliver a range of debt advisory solutions, encompassing debt procurement, meticulous evaluation of funding structures, and proficient banking presentations. Our service extends to debt pricing, covenant assessments, and thorough due diligence, addressing a wide spectrum of banking requirements.

Equity & Advisory

Turnaround Consulting

Equity & Advisory have deep experience in providing turnaround consulting services aimed at rejuvenating struggling businesses. Our approach involves closely collaborating with clients to evaluate their specific requirements, formulate recovery strategies, and deliver solutions to ensure long-term viability.